Parks & Gardens

These are recommended parks and gardens in Nagaoka City. Please come and visit us.

  • Echigo Hillside Park

    Echigo Hillside Park

    The Echigo Hillside Park is a national government park on the western edge of Nagaoka with a vast...

  • Yukiguni Botanical Garden

    Yukiguni Botanical Garden

    The Yukiguni (“Snow Country”) Botanical Gardens contain over 850 species of plants native to the ...

  • Momijien Garden and Tomoegaoka Villa

    Momijien Garden and Tomoegaoka Villa

    Tomoegaoka Villa was built in 1896 by the affluent Takahashi family, and a large garden with mapl...

  • Shoraikaku (Former Hirasawa Family Residence)

    Shoraikaku (Former Hirasawa Family Residence)

    The former residence of Hirasawa Yonosuke (b. 1885), the founder of Asahi-Shuzo Sake Brewing Comp...

  • Rakuzan’en Garden

    Rakuzan’en Garden

    The Rakuzan’en Garden is located on the former grounds of a villa once owned by the Osakaya Miwa ...