A variety of heartwarming festivals are held in Nagaoka City.
Please check the date and time of the event before you come.

Nagaoka Fireworks Festival

Every year on August 2nd and 3rd, "Nagaoka Fireworks Festival" is held.
This is the most popular summer event in Nagaoka.
The fireworks launched from Japan's longest Shinano River attract about 1 million people from all over the world.
Since the year following the Nagaoka air raid on August 1st, 1945, it has been held every year with a wish for peace.

Cherry blossom at Yukyuzan Park

When it's spring, we recommend you to see cherry blossom at Yukyuzan Park.
There are 2,500 cherry trees lined up.
There are many stalls in the park, and it is a fun event to see and eat.

Kome Hyappyo Festival

In the fall, the "Kome Hyappyo Festival" will be held to learn the history of Nagaoka.
One of the ways of thinking that has been passed down in Nagaoka City is the "spirit of the one hundred sacks".
In the past, there was a person in Nagaoka who sold valuable rice despite the times when there was little food to eat, built a school with the money gained from it, and explained the importance of education.
That idea is still passed on and is the basis of education in Nagaoka City.

Echigo Momiji Festival

"Echigo Momiji Festival" is also held and the trees dyed in red and yellow are illuminated and it is very beautiful."Echigo Momiji Festival" is held at the Momijien Garden.