Foods & Sake

Nagaoka's "Shoga Joyu Ramen" (Ginger and Soy Sauce Ramen) is recommended.Soy sauce soup with ginger works well to warm your body.It's so popular that you can line up at the store, so make sure you have enough time to go.It is also recommended to try Tochio Aburage Deep-Fried Tofu, which is said to be three times as large as the usual size.There are also Nagaoka City original gourmet foods such as “Hegi Soba” and “Sasa Dango Dumplings” in the city, so you can never hesitate about what to eat.

Nagaoka City is also famous for its sake production.

  • Shoga Joyu Ramen (Ginger and Soy Sauce Ramen)

    Shoga Joyu Ramen (Ginger and Soy Sauce Ramen)

    A Nagaoka comfort food called shoga joyu ramen is a savory noodle soup brimming with ginger and s...

  • Tochio Aburage Deep-Fried Tofu

    Tochio Aburage Deep-Fried Tofu

    A deep-fried tofu product from Nagaoka called Tochio aburage is characterized by its particularly...

  • Hegi Soba Noodles

    Hegi Soba Noodles

    A variety of soba (buckwheat noodles) from Niigata Prefecture, known as hegi soba, is made with s...

  • Sasa Dango Dumplings

    Sasa Dango Dumplings

    Some of the most popular traditional confections from Niigata Prefecture are sasa dango: steamed,...

  • Nagaoka Sake

    Nagaoka Sake

    Nagaoka is a famous production center of sake (nihonshu), an alcoholic beverage made from ferment...

  • Teradomari Fish Market Street

    Teradomari Fish Market Street

    Nagaoka residents and sightseers alike head to Teradomari Fish Market Street to visit shops that ...